Augmented and Virtual Reality startup Mask Consortium is building innovative virtual experiences and systems from the ground up. The team taped veteran Creative Director, designer and web programmer, Mali X and his creative team, to help bridge the traditional museum, art, and education venue-based gap, and the needs of remote audiences, by providing engaging, rich, content, in immersive interactive virtual environments. Mali and his team have experimented with web based Augmented/Virtual Reality over the past five years and advancements with Javascript, XML, gITF, and USDZ, technolgies have opened new AR/VR possibilities.


Now in it's 5th year, The Essence/Ford MC4W video series is an immersive and intimate look into a day with four local influencers in targeted cities engaged in their areas of expertise (food, fashion, art, and style) at the MC4W live event. Over the years, Pixod has worked with Essence and Ford to produce the series that has featured stories ranging from local artists live-painting and Chefs sharing cooking tips , to emerging fashion designers sharing new collections to local musicians breaking new music to local crowds; The video series has featured artist and personalities including McLyte, Kelis, Tweet, and more and have left viewers wishing they had attended and anxiously anticipating the next MC4W event to hit their city.

CD & Strategy:  Mali X and Phillip Shung
Editing/Motion Design:  Mali X
Director of Photography:  Phillip Shung
Camera/Lighting I:  Randolph 'Rudie' Carty
Camera/Lighting II:  Darius Vick
Copy I: Mali X and Phillip Shung
Project Managment:  Cheshire Boone
Animation:  Justin Henry
Sound Design:  Richard Smith
Audio Engineer:  Deon Custass
PA:  Terrance Henry